Thursday, June 1, 2000

Adirondacks Circle

I had gone to attend a workshop on Forensic Science in Adirondack College, NY.  It was for four and half days.  I decided I would go touring for 2-3 days after the workshop and before coming back to Kansas City.

I don't quite remember how I did the planning - probably AAA tour books, but I planned it out quite well and went all over north NY. Amazing and memorable trip! Overall three days and two nights.

Albany (rented car) -> Glens Falls (workshop)
First Day: Lake George -> Prospect Mountain -> Natural Stone Caves (Pottersville) -> Lake Champlain -> Ausable Chasm. Overnight at Plattsburg - I think!

Whiteface Mountain (route 86) -> Lake Placid - > stayed somewhere overnight and then back to Albany next day.

I am writing this now - 16 years after this trip happened because I found it memorable and wanted to make sure it was documented somewhere. There were some sights I saw that were just amazing.

Lake George - huge lake! Took the cruise on this lake. Very pleasant and calming.  Drove up north to Prospect mountain. Beautiful scenery, but this was just the beginning! Stopped by the Natural Stone Caves in Pottersville. Now this place was beautiful. Really enjoyed the underground caves and stones.  The waters were rushing and fresh! A definite must stop and see.

Next stop was up near Plattsburg - Ausable Chasm. One can spend a good amount of time here. Plenty of hikes, wonderful waters! Just great views. This is where I did my first rafting. Awesome!! It was quite mild, no getting wet.  Just wonderful.

Stayed overnight at Plattsburg, after a little shopping in the outlet stores.

Next day drove to Whiteface Mountain. Took the ropeway up the mountain after driving up quite a way.  These are all skiing resorts in winter time. I was just enjoying the mountains in summer time! The view going up was amazing.  One has to actually see it to absorb the view. Just writing about it or seeing pictures does not do it justice. I walked around up the trail. There were not many people there. The drive on the Veteran's Hwy was just great. It seemed like they had made the highway just for me! No one else was there.

From there it was to Lake Placid - I had not realized that it was the place for winter Olympics one time. Really touristy town. Some great falls around and of course very scenic. Enjoyed strolling around the town. Visited the ice rink and watched people ice skate.

Then I drove back to near Albany, stayed overnight and flew out the next day.