Sunday, May 7, 2017

European Adventure 1 - Day 7 - Munich

The city tour starts at 9:40 am so I have plenty of time to get ready. Got up lazily, had breakfast …boring…same old bread and cheese and egg.  They do have a fancy coffee machine. It's too intimidating for me to use.

Today is miserable. It is rainy and cold and it rained all day today. I had looked at the weather app and knew it was going to be bad, hence the “Hop off Hop on Bus” today. I knew I had to stop at three places, the Palace, the Olympic Village and the English Garden.  No museums. Maybe the BMW showroom.

Tour started punctually. Got off at the palace as planned. Thank god for the jacket I bought yesterday. Its already miserably wet outside. Have not heard too much about the palace, so I just want to see a little bit and get back on the bus. Besides, my jacket can take only so much rain. And boy I miss shoes! As I was walking an Indian lady asked me if I was from India….and we got talking. I had seen her on the bus, but I thought she was with someone (have not seen any Indian women by themselves). It turns out she is on a business trip from Delhi and using this weekend to do some sightseeing before she goes back. Great! I have company for the day. And she is a nice lady, Bhupinder. She is in the sales/support of the machine that counts money! Great!

The palace garden was “meh”, just a large green park, no flowers. The fountain was just one jet of water spouting out. There were few flowers and some statues were nice, but not worth spending too much time here. Got back on the bus and got off at the BMW museum. 

Oh WOW! What a grand building!! Bhupinder and I were on the same page regarding sightseeing, so that was even better. We went to the showroom and took pictures of some fancy BMWs. All great looking cars.

Walked across to the BMW museum but with the 10 euro entry fee, both of us decided to skip it. We bought some momentos and walked to the Olympic park, which was not too far. 

We walked around the Olympic park. It is very well kept from the Olympics of 1982?? The park is quite popular also. Lots of people, even though it is a rainy day. We went up the tall tower (7 euro). It was too windy and rainy, but we got some shots. The rain also prevented a good view from up the tower.  

Went back to the BMW showroom and had coffee and sandwich and then waited for the bus. Either we missed it or something, but the bus was really late, and the one that came was also not the right one. It took the tour to the soccer stadium, Allianz. But we were too tired of waiting and the guide did not check our tickets so we took a free ride to the Allianz stadium. It was still raining.

Came back to the BMW building and changed to the right bus. It took us around to a lot of museums. I guess this is a good place for art lovers. I wanted to get off at the English garden to see the guys surfing the river. And boy I was rewarded! It was so much fun watching the surfers surf the fast current of the river. It was awesome! Could not walk much else in the garden, first its too big, second, its just a city park and third – too darn wet!

Got back on the bus to finish the tour. I realized that I had walked a number of these places yesterday. Bhupinder and I parted ways after the tour. She has some ways to go to her hotel. I went to get some coffee and also ended up have a slice of cheesecake.

Rested a bit in my room and then went to get falafel from one of the many middle eastern stores near my hotel.  The 5 euro falafel was soooo good! I finished the whole large wrap in one sitting.

That’s it! That was my wet rainy day in Munich. For a rainy day it was not bad, I did get to see a lot of places today and having company was good too! 

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