Wednesday, May 3, 2017

European Adventure 1 - Day 3 - Vienna/Salzburg

Did not sleep too well…don’t know why. The temperature etc was all fine.  And I just don’t like the shower in this hotel! Its way too small.  Breakfast was the same. It was okay. 

Today I was going to be on the other side of the canal, the International Center. Took the U1 there. The modern Vienna was also good. I got off at the International Center and walked around. There were many neat modern art sculptures around, some really interesting looking buildings with modern architecture. Aldi supermarket was there too. There were some apartment buildings and gardens. Spent about an hour walking around.  Stopped at the next metro station, it was built over a river. Beautiful scenery there. 

Came back to the hotel and rested a bit before checking out and leaving for the station. Good thing I had gotten my ticket stamped because the cops were there checking tickets as we got off the escalator.

I feel like I saw what I could in Vienna in the two days I was there. I guess more time could have spent in visiting the museums and attending concerts/operas, but I was not into that.

My thoughts about Vienna?
  • It is doable in 2 days…maybe one more in one wants to see the museums.
  • Definitely attend a concert.
  • Go inside churches. You just don’t know what it will be from inside.
  • Maybe come in July when there are more flowers. There may be no tulips but there will be plenty other flowers.
  • There is plenty to eat and drink and affordable.  I saw so many people eating ice cream all the time! I was thinking it will be more coffee cafes but it was more ice cream cones!

3rd May-Salzburg

The two hour train journey to Salzburg was uneventful.  In both these train journeys no one has asked for my passport!

Went to the tourist information at the Salzburg station, and got myself a one day pass for Salzburg, which gives me free rides on metro and buses and free entry to a number of places. It was only E-24 and totally worth it. I also booked a tour to Hallstat for 5th May. Also had to find out about the bus to take to go to the hotel – the hotel had sent me directions but still wanted to make sure.

Got to Platform C for #1 bus. I was the typical “tourist” all the way, asking about the ticket and where to get off…and the people were so nice, they helped me all the way – which was really less than a 10 min ride. The ticket was E-2.60, which I thought was a little high for such a short ride. Got off at Marketplatz. It was next to garden area and there was this wonderful church on one side of it. Little did I know that I had to go through the door next to the church. I used my wonderful map app and tried to find the hotel. It was a huge door, the handle was higher than my height! I thought it would be locked, but then someone came out and I went in. It was unlocked! I was such a chicken.

I checked into the hotel. Its actually a church hotel, so its very simple. the room was bare, no carpet, just one bed, one table with chairs, no TV. I could not figure out the heating and cooling and luckily I did not need it. The bathroom and toilet were separate, but clean with enough room (not like Vienna!). Again, I am dealing with the two prong round pins and only one outlet. I will not be able to charge my computer. Hopefully it will last me my trip.

After a few minutes of rest, I decided to go to Mirabell gardens. Its not too far from my hotel (actually I found out later that nothing was far from my hotel – great location). My entrance to the garden was from the side of the music hall, so not the main entrance. I make all these mistakes that are turning out good. As soon as I enter the garden there is small fountain in the front and on the right are beautiful lavender color flowers (same I saw in Vienna). And there are tulips – everywhere. For the first time I genuinely feel happy in a garden. Most times, I am off into photography, but here I just want to sit down and enjoy the garden. It was very soothing, not overwhelming. The weather was just beautiful.

I walked around, met an Australian lady traveling by herself. She has been in Europe for about 2 months living on only one bag! Wow! I am not the only single woman traveling in Europe, but Indian woman – yes! We talked for a while, I found it interesting how she is travelling – but she is more talkative than I am listening. So I take my leave. 

Went around the garden, took pictures and sat for a while. There is still plenty of time left in the day, so I walked to cross the canal. The bridge was beautiful – all covered with locks, locks of love! Walked to the right after crossing the bridge and then turned left. And then the market started. It went on and on and on. There are way too many tourists here! On the bridge were a whole bus load of Chinese/Korean? Tourists and now on this street I am seeing the Indians.
The temperature is getting cooler as the sun is going down. I really need coffee. There was some construction going on in the middle of the road, but still managed to find a nice little coffee place, no one was there. Had a cappuccino and chocolate cake. Coffee was not too hot and the cake was just so so. After a little more walk found a McDonald! Hehe…went in and had a potato crisps – not fires not wedge….who knows what. It was okay. Sat next to an Indian couple. There are too many people speaking Hindi around here. They told there were a lot of tours from India. Great! People have a lot of money.

Kept walking on the market street. It seem to go on forever. It was pretty but the shops were quite repetitive. It was like a maze to me, I would take a turn somewhere and get lost. Had to ask for direction to get out of these streets. It is getting too cold. Weather has been most uncooperative. My foot has also been hurting a lot. I have been taking Tylenol and Advil day and night.

Finally found my way out of the maze and got near the river. Stopped by in a bakery to pick up a croissant. The puris are going well for me but the achaar is not working out. It was not too far to get to my hotel. My feet are killing me. I gave them a nice cold water bath using the garbage can in the room. I did not have any salt, but even that felt good. I think I may also need reading glasses, some of my photos have not photos are not focused because I could not see…luckily I take many photos. 

Great day!!

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