Tuesday, May 9, 2017

European Adventure 1 - Day 9 - Munich

Not much to do today. have to leave for the airport around 11ish. Got ready and went to have breakfast…same old stuff. Came back packed up and left for the central station around 11 am. It is about 2 blocks. The #S8 goes straight to the airport. Bought the ticket from the info-ticket center as all the ticket dispensers are in German. For E-11 I am set. The Central station of Munich looks terrible from outside, but interior is very nice, like an airport. 

The train is quite empty, good. in 40 mins I was at the airport. 
I still have plenty of time. I went to get my luggage from the “Kept Luggage”. E-117, not bad for two pieces for 9 days. Had to repack some stuff to make both of the large luggage less than 24 kg.

Checked in my luggage (E-75). Not bad. I was expecting more. Went through security, no issues. No immigration yet. Had to get the train for my gate. There was no food near my gate! Should have eaten before. Immigration was near the gates.  All went smoothly. Flight was smooth, not issues. Did not want to sleep so that I did not get jet lab. Watched movies all the way to Newark.  Food was good and so were the attendants. Certainly quite different flying from India vs Europe.

Newark airport had changed quite a lot since 3 years ago. Much smoother and cleaner. Except luggage cart – that is still $6. Why do they steal from tourists and residents? Gave my luggage for Palm Beach and then walked the long walk to my gate. Lucky that I had a 2 hr layover. Flight was delayed so got in really late to Palm Beach.

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