Saturday, May 6, 2017

European Adventure 1 - Day 6 - Salzburg/Munich

Not a stressful morning. I guess none of my mornings are rush rush. I love lazy mornings. Got up and had breakfast as usual. Have to check out and leave for Munich today. So packed up and left luggage at the counter and went back to Dom Quarter. Changed my ring. Now I have one that fits me better…I love it!
Sat there for a while, enjoyed the music and the Sound of Music dancers. Walked over to Mirabell, once again and sat there till 12 pm.

Went back to the hotel, picked up luggage, took the # 2 bus to the station. Met the mother and two daughters again! They are also going to Munich. They apparently made their trip just like mine!
Train came on time, as usual, scenery was beautiful all the way! Came to the main station, as I had before. Walked out and found the street of the hotel. It is about 3 blocks from the station. Not too far. I feel like I am in an Arab country, there are all Arabic stores around, Arab men standing around. Way too many men just standing around. Not very comfortable for me. Found the hotel. It is just okay. Will probably not stay here again.

After 15-20 mins of resting, left for Marienplatz, the central place. It was not so easy to find. I took one or two wrong turns. The phone really is handy. Thank God for T-Mobile’s global free data network that I am able to use the maps feature so frequently. It turns out that Marienplatz is a huge market place. And it was super crowded. So I could not tell one street from another (which I have not been able to do in Europe!). So I am going around purely on my own sense of direction and with the big help of the phone.

A mime
Marienplatz is full of shops, same ones over and over again, and restaurants. Its really a lively area, maybe also because it is Saturday. It is just super crowded. I cannot even tell which building I am looking at. The only building labeled was the Munich Residence and there are less shops and more tourists there (how do I know? They all have the guidebook!).

A magician
I walked all around and then back to the train station. I have to go to the tourist office to get tickets for the castle tour. I don’t see how I can keep walking this much! It’s a lot!

Stopped by McDonalds to have a salad and coffee. That also is crowded. The train station is directly on the same road as my hotel so walked back. Found the tourist office and bought tickets for the Hop on Off Bus Tour and the Chiemsee Castle trip. Also bought my fridge magnet from there, they have a nice selection.

I walked close to 10 miles today! I am tired! Somewhere here, I missed the beer garden! 

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