Thursday, May 4, 2017

European Adventure 1 - Day 4 -Salzburg

No real rush to get up, as usual. But still got up around 6 am. Really got up at 7:30 am and was at breakfast around 8ish. It was a nice spread. Left around 9 am to conquer the fort. And boy was it hard to find. I kept going round and round. Finally a nice American lady showed me exactly where to go. I am sure she is not a Trump voter. It was about 9:30 am when I got up the fort. The Salzburg card was useful here in almost all the places, at least all the ones I wanted to see. 

The view from the top is amazing. Walked around and then the museum, very interesting history of the fort – it was made by monks who eventually ruled Salzburg. Monks turned into rulers! And they were power hungry monks. All their trade was about salt – there are plenty salt mines in Austria.

Kept seeing and walking around – reached the top tower, the torture tower. The views of the Alps are simply amazing. And on the other side you see the city.  I was in no hurry to leave and it really was not that much time spent anyway. Decided to have coffee and apple strudel in the outdoor cafĂ©.  So lovely…just sitting, enjoying coffee and the view. 

Came down after seeing everything I could at around 1 pm. All the shops in the Dom’s quarter were open. Bought myself a ring. Went inside the Dom’s Quarter. This is a huge church which is connected to museums made of the church building and quarters where the bishops lived. This is a huge church and the whole Quarter can take a long time to see. I had no idea there was so much history here! I went over the whole building in about 2 hrs – not including the coffee break.

There was a lot of treasure in the museum. I will never understand why the men of the Christian God like to adorn themselves in jewels? There was an audio tour of the museum. I like these audio tours! Came out of the Quarter at about 3:15 pm. I know I want to take the boat cruise on the river, so again tried to get out of the bhul bhulaiyan of these galiyan. Made it out and was in the line for cruise by 3:45 pm. There were restrooms near the cruise – good – 50 cents, but good and clean.

The river cruise was a nice break from all the walking. I got the window seat and just enjoyed the view. Really great houses along the river. At the end the captain made the boat do a little Waltz on the river (it went round and round!) Fun!

Now its about 5pm. Decided to go to the museum of modern art, as someone told me the view was great up there. The handy dandy Salzburg card was very good – it got me up the lift and into the museum.  the view was superb from up there, but the museum? why did I go to the modern art museum – I don’t even get modern art! Came down after about 25 mins of trying to appreciate modern art.

There was not much to do on this side of the river. I had seen all the shops already, and I have no room to buy anything, so decided to see what was on the other side (near my hotel). Was debating whether to go back to the hotel and come out at 7:30 pm to have dinner or just have dinner and call it a day. My foot is refusing to heal. I have been on painkillers all day. Started walking in some of the back roads near my hotel. Its quite nice there, with water fountains in the middle and shops and restaurants all around. Except for the fountains, it was all similar to the shopping on the other side of the river.
And then it started sprinkling! I got inside an Italian restaurant and decided to have dinner and then turn in. I hate to eat out alone, but I don’t have much choice. There is no food at home, and pizza looks really good. had a huge Margarita pizza. I was so hungry, I ate half of it there and took the rest home. That is it for today! came home and gave my feet a nice cold and hot water bath. It is raining outside now. Tomorrow is easy. I have the Hallstatt tour at 12:30 pm – so all morning is free.

So far it has been a nice tour session. No rush anywhere, I am taking my time to see everything. I am walking everywhere despite my achy feet and the cool weather. But being able to go at my own pace has been really nice. Most times I have not felt lonely, except when I want someone to take my photo! Some of the single lady travelers I have met have been eager to talk. I, on the other hand, like my peace and quiet. In my room also I just kick back and write. I am so used to my own company.

Interesting observations so far: 
  • It takes usually 50 cents to use the restrooms.
  • Speaking of restrooms, Dom Quarter had the best restrooms. They had interesting technology – after each use, a lever lifts up the seat and disinfects it. Cool!
  • In Vienna there are some water towers, for free water, to promote drinking water! I did not see that in Salzburg.
  • The waiters in the restaurants give the change themselves. They carry this little gadget that prints the receipt, they take the money/card, handle it right there and off you go! Not like US where you have to wait for the card to come back.
  • Food is not that expensive. I have been able to get a nice sandwich with coffee for Euro 6.
  • People eat a lot of ice cream. It was cold out, but people had more ice cream than coffee in their hands.
  • People obey street laws (no Jay walking).
  • Places are all clean, despite all the tourists and population.
  • There are way too many Asian tourists, from Korea, China and India…

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