Friday, May 5, 2017

European Adventure 1 - Day 5 - Salzburg

Today is a yucky day – raining! I don’t have any places to visit except take my tour at 1 pm to Hallstatt. So went and had breakfast and came back and slept till 11:30. The Panorama tour pickup is not too far from my hotel, just one block. So left around 12:20 pm. The bus came and we left promptly at 1 pm.

The scenery is just too beautiful. Snow capped mountains everywhere, water (lakes and rivers), small villages along the road. Just beautiful!! 

We stopped at one of the many lakes to take photos. Oh boy, its cold today! 
We reached Hallstatt around 2:30 pm. The tour guide gave us a couple of choices: see skulls in church or go up the tram to see Hallstatt from above. No thinking – took the second choice. A lot of people did! Our guide also went with us. There was a mother with her two daughters, one daughter gave me her shawl. Another lady also gave me a shawl. I feel like a homeless person! I will have to invest in a jacket. But it was cold – 10oC.

The ride up the tram to the scenic point was just beautiful. It would have been even better if it was sunny. But we cannot control the weather…yet. Really beautiful from the top also. Spent about 30 mins up there and came down, then everyone went their way, as did I. 

I walked on the one lane town. It was beautiful. There was a waterfall too in the mountains. And on the other side is the lake surrounded also by mountains. Just heaven! So I did end up buying a jacket …60 Euros I will never get back! A total waste of money…if only the weather had held up!

Walked back and had a cup of coffee around 4:30 pm and then walked to the bus which is to leave at 5pm. There was a wonderful photo spot near the parking lot.
The drive back was equally beautiful, the driver took a different route. We went through forests, waterfalls and rivers, far away snow covered mountains. People do a lot of skiing here. The scenery is very much like Switzerland.

After coming back to Salzburg, I decided to walk over to Dom Quarter, but even at 7 pm everything is closed! And its not even a Sunday! What a sleepy little town. Got myself a spinach – feta cheese croissant and went to spend some time in the Mirabell gardens. 

Thank god for the jacket. It really is cold! Came back to the hotel by 8 pm, nothing much else to do. It is still daylight outside….misleading!

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